V. The Senate

Art. 46.

(1) The Senate as the second Legislative Chamber examines the budget and the projects of laws passed by the Seym, and it also participates in the exercise of control over State debts.

(2) The Senate also takes part, equally with the Seym, though without the right of initiative, in deciding the following matters: (a) motions demanding the dismissal of the Cabinet or a Minister; (b) bills referred back by the President of the Republic to the Legislative Chambers for reconsideration; (c) amendments of the Constitution; (d) the repeal of measures introducing a state of emergency.

Art. 47.

(1) The Senate consists of Senators, one-third of whom are nominated by the President of the Republic and two-thirds by election.

(2) The term of office of the Senate begins and ends at the same time as the term of office of the Seym.

(3) The Senate Election Law shall fix the number of Senators and determine the method of their appointment as also the categories of persons who shall have the right of suffrage and of eligibility.

Art. 48.

Arts. 34 45, concerning the Seym, apply respectively to the Senate.